It’s time to get real. 


A Fiduciary Relationship

which means we’re on your side – working for your best interests at all times and avoiding commissions and conflicts of interest.

Annual Review Of Your
Account & Holdings

We don’t “set it and forget it.”
Because life changes.

No more than 1.25% Annual Management Fee

with no account minimums.

Tax Strategy

Think about more than just investments.

Client Education On Key Topics

You deserve to know more about your plan and you should grow as your plan does.

Access to the Annex Ignite Team 

with the Annex Ignite Team for personalized, goal-centric guidance from experienced professionals.


More on why Annex Ignite may be right for you:

Simplified and Interactive:

You’ll benefit from the ability to track your investments and financial plan online in one place. The Annex Ignite Team will collaborate with you to create a financial plan and show you how different scenarios impact your results.

Personalized suggestions from real people:

Access the Annex Ignite Team of experienced professionals when you need them. Receive personal guidance on your financial priorities.

Convenient and Accessible:

Annual reviews are held online so there is no need to travel to one of our offices making staying connected more convenient for you.

Transparency and Safety:

By using the low-cost institutional platform at either Charles Schwab or Fidelity, we offer safeguards and a firewall by using one of the world-class independent custodians to handle your account by providing you with constant checks and balances and a secure environment designed to detect and prevent investor fraud and identity theft.

What's an online meeting?

An online meeting is a secure, convenient interaction that takes place using technology most folks have at their fingertips. A secure link will be emailed to you prior to your scheduled meeting. Simply click on the link and a new meeting will begin with an advisor. The Annex Ignite team member will then be able to have a live meeting with you. We’re able to share important visuals, build and update your financial plan, as well as discuss your evolving wealth management needs. It’s a way for us to meet with you without either of us going anywhere.

Who's the Annex Ignite Team?

The Annex Ignite Team is a dedicated team of investment professionals and client service personnel at Annex Wealth Management, available to provide you with personal financial planning and ongoing service. The Annex Ignite Team is available to connect with you online, by phone, or email.

Is there a minimum for Annex Ignite?

No. There are no account minimums to get started with Annex Ignite.

More on what you can expect from Annex Ignite:

Your investment accounts will be proactively managed by Annex Wealth Management.

This includes rebalancing along with reallocation and investment changes when deemed appropriate.

Affordable and Professional Wealth Management

guided by the Annex Ignite Team.

A personalized financial plan.

We believe a financial plan is fundamental to addressing and achieving your evolving financial goals. We will review and update this plan with you annually.

A new client experience harnessing the strengths of advisor-assisted technology

that combines powerful online tools with personal advice and guidance from real people.

Communications on your account

through online performance reports and monthly account statements.

Is Annex Ignite right for me?

It might be… Start by answering these three questions:

  • Would you want a team of professionals to choose your investments for you and make changes to them as appropriate?
  • Do you want your money invested in a portfolio of low-cost investments including exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds?
  • Are you comfortable accessing your account online and interacting with the Annex Ignite Team by phone, email and online meetings?
  • If you answered yes to these questions then Annex Ignite may be right for you.
  • Click HERE to get started.

What's Annex Ignite and how does it work?

Annex Ignite is a technology-driven Annex Wealth Management client experience you may already be familiar with. Nearly everything is available online now – why can’t your account reviews and financial planning be the same?  Annex Ignite provides you with proactive investment management, fiduciary care and interactive financial planning that is delivered through online meetings from the comfort of your home or office. The Annex Ignite Team is available by phone, email or online meetings for account reviews and your service needs.

How do I access information on my account?
  • Online access and performance reporting through the Annex Ignite client center
  • Quarterly performance reports available online
  • Charles Schwab or Fidelity app or online login
  • Monthly account statements and transaction activity from Charles Schwab or Fidelity are available in paper or online at your preference

Ready to get started?

If you have any questions or wish to tell us more about your interest in Annex Ignite please complete this form →

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